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Welcome to SH GRANDA!

SH GRANDA is one of the P.R.C's leading manufacturers and exporters of Kitchen Cleaning products (stainless steel scourer, galvanized wire mesh scourer, sponge scourer, scouring pad, steel wool pads, pot brush, cellulose sponge, magic sponge, cling film) and other allied products. Having years of experience since 2000, when it was started with business of only stainless stainless steel scourer, GRANDA have expande its product lines to a large range and have earned itself a reputation for quality, service and innovation to meet the rigors to today's demanding market place.      

Our website reflects all the products that GRANDA offers across many sectors of the market and is designed to make life as easy as possible for our customers to find the products that meet their needs.